Hedge Fund Trader X Review – Is It Good?

by admin on February 20, 2013

A “Boot Camp” Mentoring Program That Allows You To Earn Real Profits During The Necessary Hedge Fund Learning Curve! If Only Such A Thing Existed….

Okay, so no-one’s going to oppose the fact that some people really do make money trading hedge funds. And in some cases, a lot of money, that’s for sure. But the knowledge necessary to do that on a regular basis takes time, hedge fund trader x Hedge Fund Trader X Review   Is It Good?effort and a lot of sweat and tears to learn. So when Christopher Castroviejo says that he’s produced a 12 month so-called, “learning boot camp,” that allows self-taught traders and ordinary investors to earn while they learn, then it’s obvious that this is gonna make a whole lot of folks sit up and take notice.

But that’s exactly what Hedge Fund Trader X is offering, so of course we felt it only our duty to get down and dirty with exactly what this training course is all about.

Saint or sinner? The real deal or scam city – that’s what we want to know about Hedge Fund Trader X. Read onto discover exactly what we found in our no-holds barred review. It certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

Well, the first thing to understand about Hedge Fund Trader X is that this is a serious coaching program for those who want to be serious about trading. This is no get rich quick plan, oh no. What Hedge Fund Trader X is about is teaching you how to truly take a small portfolio, and with the right education and perception of the markets, turn that small portfolio into a large one, through a series of well-planned and professionally executed trades.

The coaching program includes the following:

  • A 6 Week Intensive Boot Camp: Here you’ll discover all the trading techniques and core strategies to build on and that you’ll be using for the whole years training and trading.
  • Active Trading Portfolios: These will become your “to-do” list, with specific buy, sell and stop loss instructions.
  • Multiple Monthly Trade Alerts & Setups: Arriving directly into your inbox.
  • 12 Months of Live Webinar Calls: Here you’ll discover the detailed market outlet and trading guidance you need, along with the most current and up to date hedge fund trader tips.
  • A Fully Comprehensive Watch List: Exactly as the name implies…
  • Live Webinars with the Program Creators: to discuss markets, strategies and upcoming trading opportunities.
  • Live Online Q&A Sessions.
  • Regular Market Commentary: This will allow you to learn and understand exactly what you need to know about the global economy. And in many cases will ensure that you’re better informed than many professional traders who do this as a full time job!
  • Hedge Fund Trader X 3 Day Live Event: You get the opportunity to attend an intensive 3 day mentoring even where you get one to one time with your tutors, as well as meeting many of your fellow students.

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Who is it for?
Okay, so the Hedge Fund Trader X training program is targeting those out there who might consider themselves “self-taught.” or perhaps an “ordinary investor.” And it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the odd dabble, or you have aspirations to one day give up your regular J.O.B. and trade hedge funds full time – this is a training program designed specifically for you.

The thing is, most of us don’t have the inclination, time or money to sacrifice perhaps a year of our lives to learning how to trade hedge funds successfully. And what Hedge Fund Trader X does is allow you to realistically expect to earn an income whilst still building your knowledge base. A win-win situation, in our humble opinion.

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Who is Christopher Castroviejo?
Christopher has nearly three decades of experience gained on Wall Street. And much of that time he was one of the top performing hedge fund managers on a global scale. And today, because he’s as current right now as he was in the 80s, 90s and 00s, his returns are still as impressive as ever. In fact, during the last three years he’s posted a documented compounded annual growth rate of an incredible 37.59%. Now that’s seriously impressive, no matter what angle you look at it.

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The Pros

  • Hedge Fund Trader X allows you to start slowly, and even start with zero capital! Simply by watching and learning the ropes.
  • As well as teaching you all the tips and tricks of the big time, truly successful trader, what you actually get is the compete experience of trading alongside some of best traders in the world, and learning exactly what you need to do to ensure your own continued success.
  • This is not crazy high risk trading. Nor is it promising unrealistic returns. In fact, what Hedge Fund Trader X teaches and educates you in, is how to find a realistic and proven manner to grow a small portfolio into a large one, over a period of months and years.
  • Because there’s no risky daytrading strategies or super-leveraged crazy deals, as well as the fact that you never risk more than a small percentage of trading capital on any one trade, you get peace of mind. Peace of mind that even on the odd occasion that the dice don’t fall in the manner your expected, that your trades can absorb and more than cover the inevitable downturns that any trader must undergo. But as long as the majority of your trades build up your portfolio, that’s the way that you make serious and sustained profits.
  • And let’s not forget that Hedge Fund Trader X comes with a no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. That makes trying it out somewhat of a no-brainer, in our humble opinion!

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The Cons

  • Well, no-one is going to say that you won’t need to dedicate some of your time to following the coaching program. And you will need to bring some concentration and learning powers to the table. But once you start to understand the techniques and strategies, not to mention start to see the dollars roll in, that’s all the motivation you’ll need to have chomping at the bit for your next coaching session…

The Bottom Line
We test-drive a lot of so called trading mentoring programs. And we see a lot of stuff that’s, ahem – how to put it in a polite way – not quite up to the standard that we’d expect. Okay, we see a lot of programs that are a whole load of bull, to put it plainly. But Hedge Fund Trader X is not one of them, that’s for sure. In fact, we’d stick our neck out as much as to say that this is one mentoring program that stands head and shoulders above pretty much anything similar on the market right now.

Christopher Castroviejo is one of the good guys, not to mention one of the most successful hedge fund traders in the world. And that, along with the amount of rock solid, no bull information and techniques that you’ll learn using Hedge Fund Trader X is the reason that we’re giving it a great big high 5!

In a nutshell, Hedge Fund Trader X rocks…!

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